What should be taken into account at the beginning of your studies?

The entrance exam has been cleared up and you are looking forward to a new daring study of excitement! The choices you make during the first few weeks will have a significant impact on whether your studies begin to be profitable or painful. Managing your own study path is a similar challenge to mastering any project, so take it as seriously. You have a timetable, a job, and a single employee who is constantly trying to convince you how Netflix marathon is much more fun than writing an essay. With a good basic organization, you get the necessary paper war fast and the tasks required by the progress of your studies are organized in a way that will clear up space for learning as well as fun.

The best way to get to the rhythm is to make a simple list. There are many techniques: one keeps French lines on paper and tasks that are over the job, the other has a mobile application that keeps track of the tasks that have not been done, the third builds a table with color-coded tasks within each course and their status. Choose the technique that suits you, but record all the tasks and school work as they come forward. This is how you can see what is still to be done and you will receive spiritual satisfaction from every set-off of the task. According to the old saying, the elephant is eaten at a time and the same applies to the studies: when you see what kind of pieces the semantic phantom is built in front of you, it is easier to break it down at a time.

Necessary evils and good

The passage test pass begins with the formalities of the lap, which you should take care of immediately. Your new college will send you clear instructions and materials. While the instructions can well bypass the Swedish furniture company product, it is advisable to read this through the idea. The first and most important thing on the list is to get a place to study and enroll in school. Next, you should take care of signing up for school systems and ordering a school library card. As a local citizen, the next natural step is finding a home. The local Student Housing Association is usually the most affordable solution, but there are also many low-cost and low-cost homes in Facebook groups for short and long-term use. Many housing rental groups can be found through the search for ‘Rental Homes’ and the name of the city, such as ‘Rental Homes in Helsinki’.

Then there is a shift in monetary affairs: applying for student loans and loans, and looking for a possible housing allowance. The study grant and the state guaranteed loan are applied for online with Kela. Housing supplement for study support is paid only to students studying abroad, but as a resident of mainland UK, you can apply for Kela’s general housing allowance with an online application. As an adult student on leave, you can apply for adult education support from the Education Fund when the conditions are met. Students receive a discount on a number of places for both goods and services. Sports facilities, swimming pools, cinemas and shops often offer student discounts. As bookstores, you can buy textbooks as a regular customer and public transport tubes are significantly cheaper. To receive discounts, you must have a student card. You can subscribe to it through your student association, so be sure to read the information packages you have received from the school.

Relaxation through scheduling

After a practical paper war you finally get to the point: studying. The first weeks of studies are crucial, as you schedule your first year of study. Studying for a degree is more flexible than ever before, but the reverse of freedom of choice is a problem of choice. Most schools already have a suggestion on how to start your studies. Do not postpone your studies in vain for the future, but keep courses off as fast as possible. Optional fascinating courses seem attractive, but be careful not to take too many courses at once to your desk. Keep up with the schedules you set so that you can really enjoy your leisure time without the stress and guilt of having to work.

During your studies, you are your own boss, so work as a good superior: take care of your motivation and endurance. Studying alone does not do good for the headgear, but on the other hand, too loose, you may be left behind in your studies and end up with the five percent who stop studying for a degree every year. Observe yourself as the superior would do. What do you need right now? A little deadly threatening deadline? Or maybe a free evening, because you’ve been grateful? Balanced life includes, in addition to work, a good and varied diet, exercise and a sufficient amount of sleep. Take care of yourself in a holistic way and keep control of your own studies in a tight but relaxed way!

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