How do you go about higher education in your target time?

Graduating from college at a target time is much more challenging for many than one would expect. More and more students are working alongside their studies, working in student organizations can take a great deal of time from an active student, and many students also travel and study abroad to succeed in the increasingly international labor market in the future. Many students at the end of their studies, especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area, are so willing to capitalize that their final theses are either delayed or missed because students want to take on attractive job offers and get a taste of earnings and rarely can write their final theses in the evenings. The target time for achieving a university degree is five years, for example, only a tenth of students from Tampere University of Technology. If the graduation has not been achieved in seven years, you must apply for more time to study. Graduating in five years, the student demonstrates determination and competence to future employers and benefits from the student loan credit, but completion within the deadline is not only the student’s benefit, as the funding of universities and polytechnics is partly dependent on the number of students completing a certain schedule. Because graduation is in the interest of both the student, the institution, and society, we have decided to put together some tips that can be taken into account by taking the graduation from college.

Design your studies well and set milestones

The old phrase “well-designed is half done” is also true in the scheduling of studies. By carefully investigating your timetable at the beginning of your studies, you will probably save yourself from many annoyances. Commitment to your own plans is also crucial to stay on the planned path until you are ready to finish and get a diploma in your target time. Many students leave the compulsory courses included in the curriculum every year without making them transferable in the future, which often comes back later. We dare to argue that almost everyone knows a person whose graduation from a university is delayed due to the failure to complete a three-point Swedish course. So design your studies from the very first year, be aware that many compulsory courses are not organized once per academic year and dare to ask your university coordinators for help if there is a change in your plans or you are unable to stay on schedule for some reason. Universities and polytechnics are working hard to help students finish in time and the resources they need for your college will certainly help you, and it may be helpful to consult external opinions on the schedule and content of your studies. So if, for example, you get a great job opportunity and your studies are delayed for that reason, you can always discuss with your university about the opportunities to earn credits in working life, for example by doing more work placements.

Take care of your skills and prioritize your projects

Although it is recommended to complete the target time, it should not be at the expense of your own well-being. Therefore, it is important that students take care of their abilities through adequate sleep, social relationships and physical activity, as the work efficiency is tired and low on the average. Although learning is often seen as the number one priority for ambitious students, well-being should always come before studying. In particular, only the selection of projects and tasks with the highest benefit will contribute to prosperity. Therefore, each student should stop thinking about which work and student organizations projects are really important and the ones who can spend their time with a good sense of their own at the expense of their studies. Would you just pay for study money, housing and study loans, or do you have to do the job? Do you enjoy working with student organizations and do you benefit from it in relation to your input? Could you complete your exchange studies so that they can be fully accepted for your degree in order to complete the course in the past? Ambitious students easily take on too many tasks, leaving nothing to be completed on time and stress levels rising alarmingly and threatening well-being. So dare to ask yourself bold questions about your own order of priority and take care of your own well-being so that you can prepare in time and move into working life with good pleasure, a university degree in your pocket.

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