Essay writing instructions for application – check the instructions from your teacher

Essay writing instructions for application – check the instructions from your teacher

What is an essay?

When the university speaks of essay, it means a scientific writing characterized by consistency, argumentation and source material. It is not, therefore, a translation of the source material or a reference to it. In addition, the essay is characterized by the aim of scientific argumentation. Essential is a problem-oriented approach, setting questions, answering questions and justifying answers.

Essay is a reflective script. It is characterized by the author’s own perspective on the subject and the presentation of his own claims. The thoughts and arguments presented in the source material must be problematized, analyzed, compared, evaluated, reversed, challenged, justified or wrong.

The source material is scientific literature. The essence of the essay is the perceptions, thoughts, claims made by the author in the used literature and through which, relying on them or criticizing them, ends up in their own view. The author shows that he is in control of the subject matter and knows how to limit it. The author does not rush but shows his ability to think critically.

Writing an essay

All essay assignments must always be agreed with the teacher first.

From the literature in the section, select the number of books that you find interesting. The essay writing process begins with familiarizing yourself with the selected works of the episode and selecting a preliminary topic. Both English works must be equally used in the essay.

Explore the works and submit your suggestion to the essay teacher (essay topics) of the essay topic. In addition to the subject (title), make an outline (table of contents) of the things you intend to deal with in your essay. Membership must be revealed either at the headline level or otherwise specifying how the content of the different works is utilized in the essay. The instructor of the episode, if necessary, asks you to modify your proposal so that the source literature becomes as effective as possible within your subject area.

Make books while reading the notes, write important concepts and perspectives in your own words. Edit your parsing for your own topic or create, for example, concept maps. Design what you write. During the writing process, the essay is edited and completed.

When you think the essay is complete with your subject matter, pay attention to how the essay is based on an introduction to the reflection, whether the essay is based on the topic you are giving, whether your argument is proceeding logically, whether all topics covered by the topic are sufficient, whether the essay is unrelated to the subject. Also check the structure of the essay, the correspondence of the headings and contents of the chapters, and the language.

The script follows the guidelines of scientific writing:

structure: introduction, main issues and reasoning, and conclusions

writing style: writing is a neutral (not emotional) scientific style;

source references and source list: agree with the instructor, use the instructions of the APA (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) or Explore and Write (Hirsjärvi, Remes & Sajavaara)

spelling: groomed language finishes the text (use guides)

Length: Agree with the instructor because the subject and question setting of the essay define the length.

Each teacher can have their own, more specific instructions for writing essays.

Interviews with the teachers of the episodes include: In addition to the textbooks / source literature used in the textbooks and their feedback practices.

Technical instructions:

Mark at the top left:

when an essay assignment has been agreed with and with whom and date of return (date of completion in study register is the date of return)

your name, date of birth and contact information (tel. & @ mail)

The title of the essay is the title of the essay, followed by the code of the study completion and the number of credits

Reset your answer at the time agreed by the teacher in charge.

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